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Together Everyone Achieves More….. Absolutely. No one is left behind. We all make it or we all don’t. Do you believe that? Are you transparent and collaborative with your team mates? Do you share the football? Do you win at all cost? Or do you pick-up the phone and call that irritated customer to help your team mate. Running together and running towards a solution is inspiring. Running solo and running away is often defeating.

Be the Hero. Run as the leader. The alpha dog. Showing the way to your fellow team mates. Push yourself and the team to the next level of achievement.

Every winning team has one thing in common: A coach with determination….. In 2005, our team achieved the highest honor our company has…Number 1. We didn’t do it alone. No one really does. We achieved this honor with everyones help and God’s favor. We had a coach who poured himself into us…. Only teams who want to achieve greatness have a coach. Be part of a team and get a Coach…. More coming tomorrow…… Again… Be the Hero. Terry

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Quotes that Change Your Life

Be the Hero. Your self talk directly determines your life. Either you uplift yourself or bash yourself. Your words are so powerful the Bible constantly reminds us our words can cut to the bone and destroy the soul of a person….. Are you using your words to Bless and Prosper or get revenge, to encourage or create more bitterness….. Stop right now. Put a stake in the ground…..Take a long and fierce inventory of your words. Words once spoken, hard to take back… Many words take on power. Hard to reel back what said….. For you right now, it becomes a binary decision. Today, I chose to select my words that build-up rather than destroy me or anyone else.

Bottom line….. Make an inventory of your life quotes. Post them on your computer, bathroom mirror or somewhere you see them daily…. Make a positive comment to speak blessing and prosperity into your life and others… Believe in Abundance. Post your life quotes on the Quote page for others to enrich their thought life…. Now go and Be the Hero. Terry

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Be the Hero. I have always felt like I’m someone’s psychologist and sometimes their psychiatrist. After 1600 transaction, I think I’ve come across just about every conceivable emotion…. well, maybe not all, but lots…. Anyhow… I believe your mental health…that means you….. is extremely important,so I wanted to have a separate page just dedicated to helping all of us cope and manage our emotions… our soul……. So…. what’s the point….”We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” A quote from my favorite hotel…The Ritz-Carlton. Visit the Psych page: post, ask questions and seek wisdom……. Be the Hero.

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Social Networks…. The real power of the Web…

Social NetworksThe power of the web is its ability to link us together. Does your business network look like this photo or is your your network a mess…….Well, let’s ask the first question…. What heck is a social network? A social network is a cluster of points…people, ideas, thoughts… whatever…. that are related somehow either directly or indirectly….. Bottom line…. a Rotary group is a point in your social network. Your high school friends are another point…… Your church group…… your client list… Go visit Visual Complexity  for a length analysis of networks….

Several years ago a family friend shared she still is in contact with her high school classmates…. Wow.. I thought what discipline to write notes, call or visit someone you haven’t seen in 35 years or more…. As I thought more about it, the power of relationships are in direct proportion to the time and effort you put into keeping in touch….reaching out…. circling back… whatever you want to call it…. making a disciplined effort to link… keeps you connected……

Take a long and continuous look at your linkages…Because if you are not staying in contact with your clients, then someone else is……. it’s all about relationships…. So much more to share…. tomorrow…Terry……

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Smart Prospecting starts with knowing who’s your perfect client.

Stop talking to people who don’t need or want your products or services. Doesn’t it makes sense to focus on those who are ready, willing and able to pay for your services.

Forget about those who waste your time. What we do is shift your paradigm. In golf terms, we focus on the 4′ putts instead of the 20′ putts. You make more 4′ putts than 20′, so why spend your limited time on the long shots…..

To help you grow and improve, we have assembled a diverse group of contributors, from academic researchers to salesmen in the trenches. Knowledge is power, but your Wisdom….gray hair or no hair… turns knowledge into your wise solutions… People pay for wise solutions, not knowledge… It’s what you do with the knowledge that makes the difference……

So,  we fuse prospecting and technology together.  Smart Prospecting guarantees to increase your net income and scale your business…….. So stay tuned…. We are just igniting….


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