SmartProspecting Show Review and Resources 4.22.08

Today we focused on how to mobilize your family and friends to be your “Evangelist”. An evangelist is one who proclaims your praises and shares your good works with everyone. First rule…..It’s good to have more evangelist spreading the good news…..Yes, more evangelist you mobilize more referrals creating more business.

People who only will do business with you. This is heaven… Yes….Only you… Nobody else…. Your evangelist create expectations (you leap tall buildings), perceived values (you dine with the President) and great sense of worth without you bragging (a really good guy…Your kind of guy)…..

So tell me, “What motivates an evangelist”? Money no.  Generosity maybe.  Like your spouses says,  “It’s the little things I love about you”.  We  needs to be appreciated…. Therefore, after the money, generosity wears off, it all boils down to “I just like him”. You connect. Your values are their values.

So what gets you in the morning?….Money…maybe for short while… New Stuff… maybe for short while… No, what really motivates me at the end of the day is being appreciated, thanked and encouraged.. Just so you can see for yourself, I attached my “What motivates Me” as guide for you… It’s just who I am. Make your own list.

So now we know what motivate you, how do we do it…. What do we say….. What happens if they don’t say “Absolutely Yes… It’s my pleasure”… Well, for one thing…. Realize not everyone will refer or do business with you for untold number of reasons… Just accept this as truth. Chuck and I want you to have 7 Life Empowering Scripts to empower you Family and Friends to generate Referrals…. Now you should be on easy street. Not really… Now the work really starts….

Next Tuesday we’ll focus on Business2Business referral empowering. Strategies, scripts. Till next Tuesday….. Be The HERO…. go and do…. Terry

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