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New Month Motivation

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Happy Monday everyone! It’s the start of a new month, and with it comes new opportunities to grow and achieve our goals. As a business owner or marketer, you know how crucial it is to have a solid prospecting strategy in place to attract potential customers and turn them into paying customers.

The first step in creating a successful prospecting strategy is to personalize your communications. People want to feel valued and heard, so taking the time to understand their needs and tailor your approach can make all the difference. When reaching out to potential customers, make sure you’re addressing their pain points and demonstrating how your product or service can help solve their problems. Personalization can help you build stronger relationships with potential customers and increase the likelihood of converting them into paying customers.

Another critical aspect of successful prospecting is follow-up. The truth is, people are busy, and they may not always respond to your initial outreach. But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in what you have to offer. By following up with potential customers multiple times, you increase the likelihood of staying top of mind when they’re ready to make a purchase. Don’t be afraid to follow up a few times, but make sure you’re not crossing the line into being pushy or annoying.

Finally, measuring your results is vital for improving your prospecting strategy over time. Keeping track of your efforts and analyzing your results will help you identify what’s working and what’s not. You can then adjust your strategy accordingly to optimize your results. You may want to experiment with different outreach methods, messaging, or targeting to find what works best for your business.

The start of a new month is an excellent opportunity to refresh your prospecting strategy and focus on what matters most: personalizing your approach, following up, and measuring your results. By taking these steps, you’ll be well on your way to attracting new customers, growing your business, and achieving your goals.

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Smart Prospecting Quiz

Smart prospecting is all about maximizing your efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to generating leads and converting them into transactions. It’s not just about the number of contacts you make, but also about the quality of those contacts and the value that they bring to your business. One way to ensure that your prospecting efforts are smart and effective is by taking the Short Smart Prospect Planning Quiz. Let’s dive into the five questions of the quiz and how they can help you generate a Smart Prospecting Plan.

  1. How many contacts does it take you to generate a lead? This question is all about understanding your conversion rate. By tracking the number of contacts it takes to generate a lead, you can optimize your prospecting efforts by focusing on the channels and methods that are most effective. For example, if it takes you 50 cold calls to generate one lead, but only 10 emails, then you may want to shift your focus to email prospecting.
  2. How many leads to convert into 1 transaction? This question helps you understand your conversion rate from leads to transactions. By tracking this metric, you can identify areas where you can improve your sales process, such as by refining your messaging or improving your follow-up tactics. You may also want to focus on generating higher-quality leads that are more likely to convert into transactions.
  3. How many hours to create 1 transaction? This question helps you understand the efficiency of your sales process. By tracking the time it takes to convert a lead into a transaction, you can identify areas where you may be able to streamline your sales process and reduce the amount of time it takes to close deals. For example, you may want to focus on improving your qualification process to ensure that you’re spending your time on high-value leads that are more likely to convert.
  4. How much money do you generate with 1 transaction? This question helps you understand the value of each transaction. By tracking the revenue generated by each transaction, you can identify areas where you can improve your pricing strategy or focus on generating higher-value transactions. For example, you may want to focus on upselling or cross-selling to existing clients to increase the value of each transaction.

Now you have all the information you need to generate your Smart Prospecting Plan. After answering these four questions, you now have a clear understanding of your conversion rates, sales process efficiency, and transaction value. You can use this information to generate your Smart Prospecting Plan, which should focus on generating high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into high-value transactions. Additionally, you should focus on optimizing your sales process to reduce the amount of time it takes to close deals and maximize the value of each transaction.

Ultimately, smart prospecting is about solving people’s problems and providing value, so keep that in mind as you execute your plan and interact with potential clients.

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I was just on The Real Estate Uncensored Podcast. I talked about all things Real Estate, Smart Prospecting, and much more!

A quick summary of what we talked about on the podcast, the full podcast is listed below.

Smart prospecting is an essential component of the triage approach in real estate. By using smart prospecting techniques, agents can focus their time and energy on clients who are most likely to result in a sale. This approach can lead to faster closings and higher profits.

One key aspect of smart prospecting is identifying individuals who are ready, willing, and able to buy a house today. This is where the R.A.W. approach comes into play. By focusing on individuals who meet these criteria, agents can save time and resources by avoiding prospects who are not yet ready to make a purchase.

Another important component of smart prospecting is assessing a potential client’s capacity to purchase a house. This involves understanding the client’s financial situation, credit score, and other relevant factors. By determining whether a client is able to purchase a home, agents can avoid spending time with clients who are not in a position to make a purchase.

Lastly, you should treat yourself as a Ferrari rather than a rental car. This means prioritizing your emotional and mental well-being by taking care of yourself and your personal needs. By doing so, agents can ensure that they are in the best possible position to provide quality service to their clients and close deals quickly.

In summary, adopting the triage approach and incorporating smart prospecting techniques can help real estate agents achieve faster closings and higher profits in 2023. By focusing on individuals who are ready, willing, and able to buy a house today, assessing a potential client’s capacity to purchase a house, and prioritizing their own well-being, agents can streamline their efforts and achieve success in the competitive real estate industry.

(You might need headphones or to keep the kids out for some of the language on this one)

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Smart Prospecting in Real Estate: How Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why’ Can Help You Build Stronger Relationships with Clients

While there are many ways to prospect, I’ve found that using Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” as a guide has been incredibly helpful in targeting the right clients and building long-term relationships.

“Start with Why” is all about understanding the deeper motivations behind our actions and decisions. As a real estate agent, this means understanding why people buy and sell homes. By getting to the heart of their motivations, I can tailor my approach to each individual client, creating a more personalized and effective prospecting strategy.

Here are some tips for smart prospecting using the principles outlined in “Start with Why”:

  1. Start with your own why: Before you can effectively prospect, you need to understand why you do what you do. What motivates you to be a real estate agent? What drives you to succeed? By being clear on your own why, you’ll be better equipped to connect with clients who share similar values and motivations.
  2. Understand your clients’ why: Take the time to really listen to your clients and understand their motivations for buying or selling a home. Is it to upgrade their living situation? To be closer to family? To invest in property? By understanding their why, you can tailor your approach to their specific needs and create a more effective prospecting strategy.
  3. Be authentic: Prospecting can sometimes feel like a sales pitch, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By being authentic and genuine in your interactions with clients, you’ll build trust and establish a strong foundation for a long-term relationship. Remember, people buy from people they like and trust.
  4. Focus on building relationships: Real estate is a relationship business, and the best way to prospect is by building strong relationships with your clients. By focusing on the long-term, rather than just closing the next deal, you’ll create a sustainable business and a loyal client base.

Smart prospecting in real estate involves understanding the deeper motivations behind our actions and decisions. By using Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” as a guide, we can tailor our approach to each individual client, build stronger relationships, and ultimately create a more successful business

Discover the book that is captivating millions on TikTok and that served as the basis for one of the most popular TED Talks of all time—with more than 56 million views and counting. Over a decade ago, Simon Sinek started a movement that inspired millions to demand purpose at work, to ask what was the WHY of their organization. Since then, millions have been touched by the power of his ideas, and these ideas remain as relevant and timely as ever.
START WITH WHY asks (and answers) the questions: why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike? Even among the successful, why are so few able to repeat their success over and over?
People like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers had little in common, but they all started with WHY. They realized that people won’t truly buy into a product, service, movement, or idea until they understand the WHY behind it. 
START WITH WHY shows that the leaders who have had the greatest influence in the world all think, act and communicate the same way—and it’s the opposite of what everyone else does. Sinek calls this powerful idea The Golden Circle, and it provides a framework upon which organizations can be built, movements can be led, and people can be inspired. And it all starts with WHY

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The Power of Handwritten Notes in Smart Prospecting

With so many Real Estate agents competing for clients, how can you stand out from the crowd and create meaningful connections with potential buyers and sellers?

One of the most effective ways to separate yourself from the competition is through smart prospecting. This means taking a targeted and strategic approach to reach out to potential clients, rather than relying on a blanket approach.

So, what exactly does smart prospecting look like in real estate? It starts with doing your research. You need to know your target market inside and out. This will enable you to tailor your message and offer a solution that speaks directly to their interests.

Once you’ve identified your prospects, it’s time to reach out. But rather than sending a generic email or making a cold call, try a more personal approach. For example, you could send a handwritten note or card to introduce yourself and your services.

Yes, I said a handwritten note. In a world where digital communication dominates, a handwritten note can be a powerful tool to cut through the noise and grab someone’s attention.

Think about it – when was the last time you received a handwritten note or card in the mail? It’s a rare occurrence these days, and that’s exactly why it’s so effective. A handwritten note shows that you have taken the time and effort to reach out in a personal and meaningful way, which can be a refreshing change for someone who is used to receiving generic marketing pitches.

Not only does a handwritten note help you stand out from the competition, but it also helps to build rapport with your prospect. It shows that you value their time and appreciate the opportunity to connect with them. And when it comes to real estate, building trust and relationships is key to closing deals and generating revenue.

Try incorporating handwritten notes into your outreach strategy. It may seem old-fashioned, but in a digital age, sometimes the most effective way to connect with someone is by taking a step back and doing things the old-fashioned way. A handwritten note can make all the difference in creating a lasting impression and building a relationship that will lead to successful transactions in the future.

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Relationship-building, authenticity, and providing value to clients


I am always looking for ways to improve my business and serve my clients better. That’s why I was so excited to read the book Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall. This book has completely transformed the way I approach real estate sales and has helped me build better relationships with my clients.

Ninja Selling is a refreshing approach to real estate sales that emphasizes relationship-building and authenticity. This book teaches agents to focus on providing value to their clients, rather than just pushing products or services onto them. By doing so, agents can build a loyal client base that refers them to others and creates a sustainable business.

One of the key concepts of Ninja Selling is the “Ninja Nine,” a set of nine practices that help agents build authentic relationships with their clients. These practices include being present, listening deeply, finding common ground, and providing value. By implementing these practices in my interactions with clients, I have been able to build deeper relationships and provide more personalized service.

Another valuable concept in Ninja Selling is the “Four Quadrants of Real Estate,” a framework that helps agents prioritize their time and efforts based on the potential for growth and impact. This has been particularly helpful in managing my time and focusing on the activities that will have the biggest impact on my business.

But perhaps the most valuable aspect of Ninja Selling is its emphasis on personal growth and mindset. The book encourages agents to develop self-awareness, a growth mindset, and continuous learning in order to become better agents and better people. This has helped me not only improve my business but also improve myself as a person.

I highly recommend Ninja Selling to any real estate agent looking to improve their business and approach to sales. The principles and practices in this book are backed by research and real-world experience and have helped me become a better agent and serve my clients better.

Ninja Selling Audiobook

2018 Axiom Business Book Award Winner, Gold Medal

Amazon Best Seller in Sales and Selling and Consumer Behavior

Stop Selling! Start Solving! 

In Ninja Selling, author Larry Kendall transforms the way listeners think about selling. He points out the problems with traditional selling methods and instead offers a science-based selling system that gives predictable results regardless of personality type. Ninja Selling teaches listeners how to shift their approach from chasing clients to attracting clients. Listeners will learn how to stop selling and start solving by asking the right questions and listening to their clients. 

Ninja Selling is an invaluable step-by-step guide that shows listeners how to be more effective in their sales careers and increase their income-per-hour, so that they can lead full lives. Ninja Selling is both a sales platform and a path to personal mastery and life purpose. Followers of the Ninja Selling system say it not only improved their business and their client relationships; it also improved the quality of their lives.

As an Amazon Assoicate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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Think outside of real estate… Look to those who perform… I received this morning, thought you would enjoy his insights and thoughts…. I recommend you buy his books and visit his seminars… He has very witty way of communicating….

Be THE Hero… Go and do…Terry

Bring sexy back, and your sales will

go through the roof..

When I say Justin Timberlake, what one word comes to mind?

Singer? Rich? Celebrity? Sexy? All of those words are correct. Add a couple more: Performer. Musician. Dancer. Entertainer. And of course, the .5 would be Britney.

I went to the Justin Timberlake concert. Paid a premium, and sat in the front. Actually, stood in the front. But I didn’t care. It was a spectacular event that none of the 20,000 plus attendees will soon forget.

What’s that got to do with sales? Justin Timberlake did not have to sell one thing. People bought. Every ticket. Every bag of peanuts. Every drink. Every t-shirt was bought by fans who stood on line for a half an hour waiting to overpay. And they were happy they did.

Justin Timberlake is the essence of the law of attraction. His customers are his fans. His theme, “Bringing Sexy Back” should prove once and for all that sexy sells.

But let me put this in perspective. I’m 61. What the hell am I doing at a Justin Timberlake concert, singing and dancing for three hours? I’m having a blast, that’s what I’m doing. And I’m learning the difference between the rock concerts I attended growing up in the early ‘60s, and the rock concerts of the 21st century.

Six months ago, I went to see Panic at the Disco. Both of these concerts had one thing in common. Excellence. You may not like the music, you may not appreciate the music — but the quality of their performance, and the performers dedication to their craft, is undeniable.

What’s your level of dedication? How excellent is your performance? Who is willing to pay to watch you perform – and buy the t-shirt? That’s what I want to talk about for the next 400 words.

Let me give you the qualities that Justin Timberlake exuded during his performance, so you can see how they match up to your sales qualifications.

In his 2.5 hours of performance, he never missed one note.

In his 2.5 hours of performance, he never missed one word.

In his 2.5 hours of performance, he never missed one dance step.

There were 20 other dancers and musicians in his troupe who also performed to perfection. Everyone gave their BEST performance. Justin sang, played, danced, spoke to the audience, and performed as well as any entertainer I have ever seen. He owned the audience of 20,000 people from the first note. He’s 26. How old are you? How well do you perform?

If you’re going to sing and dance and play instruments for 2.5 hours, you better be in shape. Justin Timberlake is in sexy shape. And the audience responded in kind with the appropriate singing along to every word of every song, and shrieking every time he came close to them.

I wonder if being in shape, and giving his all, and preparing for months, had anything to do with his ability to sell out the house, win the approval of fans, win Grammy after Grammy, and make millions of dollars.

I wonder how in shape you are? And I wonder how that affects your ability to perform and earn at the level of “best.” How many “Sales Grammys” could you win?

And, oh yeah – he also writes his own music.

From a business perspective, there are a lot of lessons you can learn from this event and this performer.

His image, his reputation, his music, his attraction, his marketing, his level of performance, his self-confidence, his team, and his ability to communicate are all beyond excellent. And when combined into a concert, it’s not just an event; it’s an experience.

After 2.5 hours of Justin Timberlake’s performance, no one wanted the concert to end. Appropriately, he ended with his current anthem, “bringing sexy back.” Not just singing and dancing and playing — but literally jumping on top of the piano with one leap. He didn’t win the approval of the crowd; he earned the accolades of the crowd.

If he would have said, “Okay, everyone give me 100 more dollars when you leave,” EVERYONE would have gladly donated.

And they will talk about it, write about it, blog about it, and YouTube about it for years to come.

What do people say after your sales performance? Your service performance? How much applause do you get from your customers?

Maybe you should attend a Justin Timberlake concert and discover his sex, er, sales magic.

If you would like a few of Justin’s lyrics to get you in the sexy selling frame of mind, go to, register if you’re a first time visitor, and enter JUSTIN in the GitBit box.

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The Little Red Book of Selling and eight other business books on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development. President of Charlotte-based Buy Gitomer, he gives seminars, runs annual sales meetings, and conducts Internet training programs on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development at Jeffrey conducts more than 100 personalized, customized seminars and keynotes a year. To find out more, visit Jeffrey can be reached at 704.333.1112 or by e-mail at

© 2008 All Rights Reserved – Don’t even think about reproducing this document without
written permission from Jeffrey H. Gitomer and Buy Gitomer, Inc • 704/333-1112

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Pain in Sand….Good in Stone

Keep your Stones of Good in clear view…. Be in the  state of Thankfulness…
A story tells that two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face.

The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand:

They kept on walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in the mire and started drowning, but the friend saved him.

After he recovered from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone:

The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend asked him, “After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?”

The other friend replied “When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.”

Be The Hero….Terry McDaniel

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Together Everyone Achieves More….. Absolutely. No one is left behind. We all make it or we all don’t. Do you believe that? Are you transparent and collaborative with your team mates? Do you share the football? Do you win at all cost? Or do you pick-up the phone and call that irritated customer to help your team mate. Running together and running towards a solution is inspiring. Running solo and running away is often defeating.

Be the Hero. Run as the leader. The alpha dog. Showing the way to your fellow team mates. Push yourself and the team to the next level of achievement.

Every winning team has one thing in common: A coach with determination….. In 2005, our team achieved the highest honor our company has…Number 1. We didn’t do it alone. No one really does. We achieved this honor with everyones help and God’s favor. We had a coach who poured himself into us…. Only teams who want to achieve greatness have a coach. Be part of a team and get a Coach…. More coming tomorrow…… Again… Be the Hero. Terry

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