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Together Everyone Achieves More….. Absolutely. No one is left behind. We all make it or we all don’t. Do you believe that? Are you transparent and collaborative with your team mates? Do you share the football? Do you win at all cost? Or do you pick-up the phone and call that irritated customer to help your team mate. Running together and running towards a solution is inspiring. Running solo and running away is often defeating.

Be the Hero. Run as the leader. The alpha dog. Showing the way to your fellow team mates. Push yourself and the team to the next level of achievement.

Every winning team has one thing in common: A coach with determination….. In 2005, our team achieved the highest honor our company has…Number 1. We didn’t do it alone. No one really does. We achieved this honor with everyones help and God’s favor. We had a coach who poured himself into us…. Only teams who want to achieve greatness have a coach. Be part of a team and get a Coach…. More coming tomorrow…… Again… Be the Hero. Terry

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