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Quotes that Change Your Life

Be the Hero. Your self talk directly determines your life. Either you uplift yourself or bash yourself. Your words are so powerful the Bible constantly reminds us our words can cut to the bone and destroy the soul of a person….. Are you using your words to Bless and Prosper or get revenge, to encourage or create more bitterness….. Stop right now. Put a stake in the ground…..Take a long and fierce inventory of your words. Words once spoken, hard to take back… Many words take on power. Hard to reel back what said….. For you right now, it becomes a binary decision. Today, I chose to select my words that build-up rather than destroy me or anyone else.

Bottom line….. Make an inventory of your life quotes. Post them on your computer, bathroom mirror or somewhere you see them daily…. Make a positive comment to speak blessing and prosperity into your life and others… Believe in Abundance. Post your life quotes on the Quote page for others to enrich their thought life…. Now go and Be the Hero. Terry

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