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5 Secret ways to find All Cash Buyers

Join us tomorrow at 2, as we share 5 smart prospecting tips how to find “all cash buyers” using predictive analytics. Get ahead in the crowd….

5 ways to connect with the invisible all cash buyer. Join us as we show you where they live and how many homes them have purchased. Maybe you call them and ask them if they would like to buy more….
Join us, tweet back at @terrymcdaniel or email me terry@realagile.com and we’ll send a private invitation back….

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Smart Prospecting for Hidden Real Estate Investors.

Wouldn’t it be great for your business if you could determine who is the most likely to invest in real estate? Absolutely.

5 Steps to contact Non-Owner Occupied property Owners
1. Make a list of non-owner occupied properties owners.
2. Send a letter: “Would you like to buy more or sell this property?”
3. If no response, send a short list of active & sold of similar properties.
4. Call or send a follow-up letter to ask: ” Do you have any interest?”
5. Do this 5 times a year.

Simple steps to create a proactive prospecting system. T


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The Power of Landing Pages: SearchBayAreaMLS

The books mentioned on our Thursday ….

Hard Optimism…..Price Pritchett
Awake the Genius…Patrick K. Porter
Sales Bible….Jeffry Giomer
The Upside of Adversity…..Os Hillman…. outstanding book…

http://RSSpieces.com  is one of the best blog building sites around…..

Unbranded stealth mini site  or  landing page…….  http://searchbayareamls.com/

simple but highly effective….

See you next Thursday at 2:00….. If you have questions, email or post here….

Also join us on http://terrymcdaniel.com



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