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Holy Cow. Words Paint Pictures in your Mind.

Your choice of words emotionally effect you and your listeners. The difference between “search” and “quest”…… Quest sounds more like Crusade language.  My quest is to succeed.  I’m on a quest for my client.  Quest implies empowerment.  Search just sounds tired and overused. Yes, you search, but quest sounds like you’re on a mission.  Search feel like, if I find what I’m looking for, great, but not life stopping. Where quest sounds as if I fail,  I die….. So, get up and get on your quest….

Another shift in thought appears between “call back” and “circle back”.  Hey, I’ll call back tomorrow and get your thoughts or I’ll circle back tomorrow…….. Circle back gives the feeling of a wagon master circling his wagon back just to make sure your on the wagon trail….. It sounds like more effort, thus more important than calling back…… Hello.

Grappling instead of struggling, goto person instead of me, trigger instead of cause, widget instead of tool, and finally smart prospecting instead of prospecting.  Word selection tint and shade your mental imagery….. Be thoughtful of how you select words…..

Bottom Line:  Put yourself in the student mindset and keep a journal of how people communicate thoughts.  If you stay in the student state,  instead of the judgment state, you will advance to the top of the class…… BE THE HERO… then go and do…..

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